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Printable, flexible and wearable electronics are already all around us. New products, applications and technologies are being developed all the time, often through collaborations that break traditional industry silos. In fact, outside-the-box thinking that crosses industry verticals is critical to build a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for these technologies.

Through these case studies, we document compelling stories about new products and solutions that address various market challenges in whole new ways. From brand protection and security, to consumer engagement and the Internet of Things, printable, flexible and wearable electronics are shaping a brand new world.

IntelliPACK Use Case: Jones Packaging adds smarts to pharma packaging

The Age of Intelligent Packaging has arrived and Canada’s Jones Packaging is among its evangelists. This company has come a long way from its roots in the 1880s. But so too has the humble box, bottle and blisterpack.

Jones, a founding member of the CPEIA, is a rare enterprise in the packaging industry. It has taken a proactive approach to position itself for the future by creating its own in-house technology team. This team has pursued partnerships with technology developers that can help it create, integrate and commercialize intelligent packaging solutions using printable electronics that can be produced on its high-speed production lines.

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IntelliPACK Use Case: Unilever brings signage alive in the grocery store aisle

Consumers in the grocery store usually don’t expect shelf talkers to actually talk to them.

But during a recent in-store trial by global consumer products company Unilever for its venerable Knorr food brand, that’s exactly what they did.

We’ve all seen shelf talkers – those printed cards or signs clipped on a shelf to draw our attention to specific products and promotions. These have traditionally been static displays –  ink and paper with no capacity for interaction.

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IntelliPACK Use Case: TUKU empowers products to sell themselves for Scholar’s Choice

A retail brand has many channels through which to capture awareness and engage with consumers – social media, web and mobile e-commerce portals, and email campaigns.

But what happens once the consumer walks in the store?

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IntelliPACK Use Case: Xerox fights product counterfeiting

Last fall, Xerox unveiled two new weapons in the war against counterfeit and pirated goods, its Xerox Printed Memory and Xerox Printed Memory with Cryptographic Security labels.

Traditional anti-counterfeiting methods such as invisible ink, holograms and RFID tags can be copied, and are often expensive to implement. These two new printed electronic labels from Xerox, on the other hand, give brand owners a solution that is inexpensive and difficult to counterfeit because every label is uniquely encrypted.

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IntelliPACK Use Case: NFC Authority forges new digital relationship between consumer and brand

It’s summer time, and that calls for a drink. But how do you chose? People tend to stick with what they know, be it wine, beer or other spirits.

So how does a label stand out and get noticed, especially if it’s a local craft label competing with big national brands? It’s a tough global market, with over 100,000 new wines, beers and spirits introduced every year.

Learn how CPEIA member company NFC Authority is forging a new digital relationship between customer and product with its powerful patent-pending printed product tags and near field communication technology

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