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CPEIA rebrands as intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance

OTTAWA—September 06, 2017—The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance is the new name and new brand identity of the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA). Why have we made this change? At our 2016 AGM in May, Members granted the CPEIA and the Board of...

Kitchener-Waterloo’s NanoCnet Receives CPEIA Startup of the Year

June 01, Printed Electronics Now: The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) presented its first Startup of the Year award at CPES2017, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for printable, flexible and wearable electronics. Winning...

Newsletter Stories

Making a splash at Canada’s top printing event

By Peter Kallai We are pleased to report an enthusiastic response to our appearance earlier this month at Graphics Canada Expo – Canada’s longest running showcase for the graphic arts and commercial printing industry. This event is usually attended by brand owners,...

What do we need to turbo-charge Canada’s OPV sector?

By Peter Kallai On March 7, we convened at the Toronto headquarters of CSAGroup a workshop that once again demonstrated the need to create a new dynamic between industry, academia and government if we want to boost Canada’s knowledge-based economy. The workshop, a...

CPEIA strategic directions established by Members

Download the Executive Summary Sector Leadership Council Report available to all CPEIA Members By Peter Kallai We met, we talked and we listened to what our Members had to say. Now’s it’s time for action. On Nov. 22, the CPEIA convened at the Toronto headquarters of...

Graphene: Short route from discovery to maturity

By Nima Moghimian Group NanoXplore Inc. The “wonder material” of the 21st century is graphene. It conducts electricity better than copper and is much stronger and much lighter than steel. Perhaps these traits explain why it has evolved so rapidly. Graphene was...

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