Medical, Health & Wellness

medicalPrintable Electronics processes are already used to manufacture the biosensors in the disposable glucose test strips used by diabetes patients. For medical applications, and overall health and wellness, this is only the beginning.

With PE, a whole new standard of low power, low cost, ultra-thin, flexible and even stretchable technology is possible.

Consider disposable sensors placed on, or even inside, a patient’s body, to provide physicians with real-time feedback during a procedure. Medical packaging can have smart labels that monitor temperature, humidity and even PH, and can raise an alert through OLED (organic light-emitting diode) lighting or wireless communication.

For remote healthcare and health and fitness, wearable technology is a hot industry. But what if that wristband or other device could be replaced with a single smart patch that resembles a band-aid and communicates data wirelessly in real-time? That patch could even be used to deliver medication as an alternative to being plugged into an IV drip. With PE, biometric monitoring can also be incorporated into fabrics for smart athletic wear.