Consumer Electronics

electronicsIn the Harry Potter movies, the newspaper of record for wizards everywhere is the Daily Prophet. But this isn’t your typical newspaper. Photos are in fact video clips, complete with audio. It’s Youtube on paper.

Thanks to PE, this flight of fantasy is well on its way to becoming a reality with ePaper. In fact, if you have used a USB flash drive with a capacity meter that displays how much storage space is left, you have already seen ePaper in action.

ePaper is just one example of how PE promises to revolutionize how we use technology and consume content.

PE opens up a whole new world of low-cost, low-power and easy-to-manufacture electronics. This make it possible to print batteries, create touch displays and solar cells that are flexible and even rollable, develop a new generation of wearable tech that is ultra-thin and rugged, and incorporate biometrics into smart fabrics to help us manage health and wellness.

Consider a large flat-screen television you can roll up and take with you like a yoga matt. Even the humble Halloween mask can become an affordable piece of advanced technology – a flexible, low-cost display that can change its ghoulish image at any time.

The advantages of being able to quickly manufacture low-cost, low-power, flexible touch displays also extends to the infotainment systems popular in today’s automobiles.