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Organization Type: Industry

3lectromode is a wearable electronics atelier dedicated to avant-garde crafting and consulting in fashionable technologies. We develop fashiontech garments and tangible solutions for smart textiles and wearable technology designs.

Edward J

Acquire Industries

Organization Type: - not set -

Acquire Industries is a Canadian start-up engineering firm engaged in both product development and project engineering. Practice areas include electrical and materials engineering, with a cross-disciplinary focus on advanced materials leveraging nanotechnology and molecular engineering (NME). Currently, the firm is focused on large surface area heating solutions for energy and infrastructure projects. This includes underfloor heating and snowmelt/de-icing applications using roll-to-roll manufactured flexible heat trace panels.

Dale P

Antennaprise International Inc.

Organization Type: Industry

Amid the Internet of Things (IOT), Antennaprise is a Canadian company, mission focused on innovating Radio Frequency (RF) technologies by developing and delivering antenna products and services to better utilize the Spectrum for reliable and robust communications.

Ahmer B

Authentic Or Not

Organization Type: Industry

Authentic Or Not is a patented platform designed for Fashion Brands that provides experiences and also stops the counterfeiting industry. This is done by embedding wireless microchips inside clothing, cosmetics, accessories or any branded merchandise. Our microchips are encrypted and can withstand machine washing, the dryer and dry cleaning cycles. In short, we enable apparel, handbags, medicine, beverages or any physical product to communicate and provide a unique experiences for the customer.

Awake Labs

Organization Type: Industry

Awake Labs is building technology to support collaborative care for brain and mental health disorders. Its wearable devices and applications can log behaviour, monitor progress and provide insight to help families and care teams track the efficacy of therapy and improve outcomes. Coming soon is the Reveal band, a wearable band to measure indicators of anxiety in real-time to increase independence and improve self-regulation.

Be Wear Wearable Technologies

Organization Type: Industry

Be Wear Wearable Technologies develops a range of products that provide aid and protection, including personal security, child safety and high-profile safety as well as a bullet-proof clothing smart systems for the first responder industries. Product lines include Loop smart jewelry that allows users to discreetly call for help, The Smart Vest for armed forces and security personnel, and the Hawk security monitoring system.

Biointeractive Technologies Inc.

Organization Type: Industry

BioInteractive Technologies (BIT) is introducing the TENZR platform: the world's first Hands-Free, Camera-Free, Wrist-Worn Gesture Recognition Wearable. BIT develops custom gesture recognition solutions for enterprise in VR|AR, IoT (Industrial, Agricultural, Retail), Home Automation and Healthcare using its TENZR Wearable Platform.

Andrew V

Business Development Bank of Canada

Organization Type: Venture capital

BDC is the only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. It promotes Canadian entrepreneurship with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. With its 118 business centres from coast to coast, BDC provides businesses in all industries with financing and advisory services. Its investment arm, BDC Capital, offers equity, venture capital and flexible growth and transition capital solutions. BDC is also the first first financial institution in Canada to receive B Corp certification.

CTT Group

Organization Type: R&D Organization

CTT Group/Groupe CTT is an R&D centre, an advanced testing laboratory, a technology transfer centre and a business association, in the areas of technical textiles, geosynthetics and advanced textile-based materials. CTT Group ranks first among Canada’s Top 50 research colleges, managing multiple collaborative private/public fund projects (such as NSERC projects) to the direct benefit of industry.

DRYWORLD Industries

Organization Type: Industry

DRYWORLD is an Athlete performance company that has created a line-up of technologically advanced products and materials to cater the athlete in all of us. What started as just a way to keep their feet dry in the wet coastal climate, soon became the ground-breaking patented product DRYFEET. It was from that design that the co-founders continued to revolutionize the market, becoming today what is DRYWORLD, a true global company.

Martin G

Etiquettes Multi-Flex Labels

Organization Type: Industry

Manufacturer / printer of pressure sensitive labels. For a information that sticks!

Fit Assist Medical Inc

Organization Type: Industry

Fit Assist Medical Inc. is the creator of the patent pending WearCare System that helps caregivers provide the right care at the right time for aging adults. WearCare is the first multi-function, wearable, reusable monitoring system for incontinence, body position and movement. The customized monitoring features of the WearCare system helps deliver a better quality of life for aging adults while reducing the risks of pressure sores and falls.

Ian C

Intrinsiq Materials

Organization Type: Industry

Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company and recognized leader in the development and manufacture of low cost nanoparticle based copper inks and pastes for the printed electronics industry. Intrinsiq’s expertise includes nanoparticle manufacture, ink and paste formulation and process development (dispensing, drying, sintering and other post processes) related to copper inks and pastes. Intrinsiq works with its clients to integrate it's copper technology into their next generation electronics in a wide range of industries including automotive, display, PV, microelectronics, defence and medical, to reduce costs, weight and space. Intrinsiq is based in Farnborough UK and Rochester NY.

Laipac Technology Inc

Organization Type: Industry

Laipac Technology is an industry leader in the field of GPS tracking, and has expanded its scope to cover the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT), with real-time asset tracking and people monitoring services and products. At Laipac Technology, we build with the customer in mind – above all else.

LifeBooster Inc.

Organization Type: Industry

LifeBooster is a health and safety predictive analytics company that utilizes the latest in wearable technologies to help the industrial workforce eliminate preventable workplace injuries and optimize their health and safety operational efficiency. LifeBooster’s initial focus is on the single largest and most costly injury type, musculoskeletal disorders. These injuries represent 33% of all workplace injuries and cost North American industrial companies over $60 billion every year. LifeBooster provides companies with quantified, actionable data that enables them to prioritize their risk mitigation strategies in a timely matter, reduce their immense costs surrounding these preventable injuries, and ultimately prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Menrva Research Group

Organization Type: - not set -

The Menrva Research Group is an international and multicultural research group led by Carlo Menon, Professor, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair and MSFHR Scholar that focuses on Smart Materials (artificial muscles, polymer-based micro/nano sensors, Biomedical Wearable Technology and BioRobotics (soft robotics, exoskeletons, human-machine interfaces).

George P

Metamaterial Technologies Inc

Organization Type: Industry

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) is a smart materials and photonics company that is changing the way we use, interact, and benefit from light. Through applied physics and intelligent design, we are pioneering a new class of multifunctional materials—called metamaterials— which have engineered properties that go beyond what is found in nature. MTI specializes in metamaterial research, nanofabrication, and computational electromagnetics; bridging the gap between the theoretical and the possible. With our in-house design, access to world-class nanocomposite research, and nanofabrication expertise, we are able to develop a wide array of metamaterial applications that encompass several industries including aerospace and defense, healthcare, energy, education, and cleantech. MTI is a privately held company and has a growing intellectual property portfolio with 20 patent families and 14 granted patents.

Andrea F

Movit Technologies

Organization Type: Industry

Movit has developed a unique intelligent thread that will allow you to track every activity of your body. The thread can be seamlessly integrated in any piece of clothing and provide advanced analytics without the need to wear anything but your cloths. Movit can make everything you wear smart.

O'Mahony Consultancy

Organization Type: Academia

Marie O–Mahony is an academic, consultant, author, practitioner and curator. Her teaching, research and practice spans advanced textiles and fashion, wearable technology, sustainability and future trends. Marie is Professor of Digital Futures at Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) and has been a Visiting Professor at The University of the Arts, London, for eight years.


Organization Type: Industry

PUSH is a sport technology company that is singularly focused on developing best-in-class technology solutions to help athletes excel at all levels of sport. PUSH’s performance monitoring wearable and athlete readiness assessment stations are in active use by over 20 pro teams including the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Wizards, Texas Rangers and Colorado Avalanche, among others. 

Salu | Health Gauge

Organization Type: Industry

Health Gauge is a revolutionary new way to measure and track health biometrics. Our vision is to turn data into meaningful information that can empower people to take action towards a healthier self. Our mission is to help people understand and engage with their health in a deeper way – serving to support people in living long, quality, healthy lives. We believe that everyone should have easy access to personal health biometrics. With Health Gauge, people can track their health and are better empowered to act.

Charles M

Strategic Elements

Organization Type: Industry

Strategic Elements is developing a high performance printable memory ink with potential to disrupt the fast growing Printed Electronics sector. Over the last 12 months, the company has grown strongly and has an active ongoing development program.

TELUS Health

Organization Type: Industry

TELUS Health is a leader in telehomecare, electronic medical and health records, consumer health, benefits management and pharmacy management. TELUS Health solutions give health authorities, providers, physicians, patients and consumers the power to turn information into better health outcomes.

Isabelle L


Organization Type: Innovation association

Vestechpro is a key partner of companies and organizations involved in the apparel industry. Vestechpro offers innovation, research, and development support services, organizes training and development activities, and communicates strategic information that enables companies to position themselves advantageously in a global context.

Alroy A


Organization Type: Industry

The Voltera team is on a mission to modernize the electronics industry. What began as an idea – that it is time for rapid prototyping to reach the electronics industry – has evolved into a growing company delivering on that vision. Every day people are using the Voltera V-One to prototype innovative electronics, discover new things, and learn more about electronics.

Scott M

XCo Tech Inc.

Organization Type: R&D Organization

XCo Tech Inc. pioneered eXact Positioning Technology (XPS) and intelligent BioAnalyticsTM to precisely track motion, location and biometrics in one easy to use system that can be installed quickly anywhere. XPS technology is based on its proprietary ultrawideband system which is capable of real-time 3D motion tracking at a centimeter level using only ONE tracking hub. XCo Tech operates primarily in the sport and rehabilitation analytics industries encompassing the collection and intelligent interpretation of data to improve sport performance and rehabilitation.