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Program Objectives

Our goal is to work with organizations that can help develop in Canada the capability to enable intelligent packaging using Printable and Organic Electronics (PE).

As with any new technology, the challenge is to move beyond conceptual and prototype development to actual industry engagement that leads to sales and revenues. At the CPEIA, we are developing a framework that will allow the Canadian PE technology industry to work with stakeholders in the packaging industry. This will create the collaborative environment that will drive the development of new products and applications that serve market needs and have a high likelihood of commercial success.

For PE technology developers, it’s an opportunity to rub shoulders with senior executives, potential business partners and new customers in this multibillion-dollar market. For stakeholders in the packaging industry, it is the chance to be in on the ground floor of a major technological shift that will turn conventional packaging into intelligent devices.

pack-backgroundPackaging isn’t passive anymore

With PE, the packaging industry is definitely thinking outside the box. PE is powering new ways to manage inventory, track items as they are shipped, better maintain product freshness, monitor medication usage, identify packing materials for re-cycling and turn consumer packaging into an interactive platform.

This interactivity can be used for marketing purposes so that products on the store shelf can now communicate with consumers, for promotion, brand protection and to fight product tampering, counterfeiting and theft. Another priority application for the industry is to prevent food spoilage, considering that a full third of the world’s food goes to waste.

These are applications and opportunities that impact players from all corners of the packaging value chain, from start of life to next life. These include retailers, consumer brands, package manufacturers and services, waste management and government.

We see a tremendous opportunity to help shape the evolution of this industry through PE.

Through our strategic collaboration agreement with the PAC, Packaging Consortium (PAC), CPEIA can open doors for you with end users and application-oriented companies.

Program Description

We will engage participants in a process that begins with Information Collection and Gap Analysis, through workshops and whitepapers. This will provide us with a clear understanding of the market’s needs, current technology readiness and commercialization efforts relevant to the building industry, barriers and possible ways forward.

Our next step will be industry engagement, to move forward with a network of complimentary businesses that are working together to engage customers with a comprehensive solution.

While this business network will be supported at the outset by the dollars invested by participants to take part, its success will ultimately rest on building these financial partnerships with end users in the building industry. If and when possible, CPEIA and PAC will explore other sources of financing to leverage the contributions made by companies.

Benefits for Industry Participants

  1. An opportunity exclusive to CPEIA and PAC Members.

  2. Meet with new customers, end users and designers from globally competitive companies who can influence the inclusion of your technology into their products.

  3. Develop in-depth knowledge of these market needs and wants, including time horizons, willingness to invest in your technology and locations of these global market opportunities.

  4. Learn about and help define relevant industry standards.

  5. Build joint roadmaps with these customers/end-users for specific client-driven applications.

  6. Team up with complementary technology companies to provide a full solution.

  7. Pitch your company solution to VP-level decision makers at global companies that could be customers or end users of your technology.

  8. Use CPEIA’s Project Management Professional (PMP) to put together specific demonstration projects to meet end user needs.

  9. Lever your company resources with academic and government funding wherever possible for application development.

  10. Gain access to funding programs with specific PE components.

All these benefits will translate into cost savings for your R&D budget, increased sales revenue, and new technology and product opportunities.

Tapping into the industry’s global ecosystem

What sorts of organizations are we engaging to join the CPEIA intelliPACK Business Network through our partnership with PAC, Packaging Consortium? They span the full spectrum of the industry and its ecosystem. In fact, PAC’s membership is an excellent representation of the organizations that can and should be part of intelliPACK:

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Display your logo on the intelliPACK micro-site with your level of sponsorship clearly showing your support

  • Display your company logo on email announcements as a sponsor

  • Showcase your organization at selected intelliPACK meetings  through speaking engagements

  • First right of refusal to co-fund and participate in applications or R&D projects proposed by intelliPACK Members

  • Seat on intelliPACK Advisory Board

  • Access to special meetings with end users

  • Access to special events and delegations to meet end users

  • Access to intelliPACK application white papers, Canadian product and technology roadmaps (if developed)

Become a member

If you would like to discuss how we can help you and your organization, please contact Peter Kallai, President and CEO, at or call 1 613-795-8181.

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