The CABA Forum brings together leading organizations involved in the integration of intelligent building systems and connected home technologies. CABA estimates that over 200 key stakeholders and industry leaders will gather to discuss current trends in the intelligent buildings and connected home sectors.

CPEIA was provided an opportunity to give a workshop at this event on Printable and Flexible Electronics-Based Solutions for Connected Homes and Intelligent Buildings. If you plan to attend and/or want to be part of the presentation team, please contact Peter Kallai at pkallai@cpeia-acei.ca or 613-795-8181.

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Workshop participants will also receive preference to take part in a facility tour of PARC Xerox. PARC has a long history of developing large-area sensor arrays for detection of light, radiation or acoustic signals. More recently, its team has focused on the integration of printed electronics with sensors, microchips and other discrete components. PARC will present some key projects in this area:

  • Stick and peel environmental sensors for buildings
  • Printed gas sensors for detecting leaks
  • Printed hybrid wireless strain sensors
  • Wireless energy harvesting
  • Smart packaging