Marketing, Advertising and Commerce

Consumers have already grown accustomed to out-of-home advertising. From digital signage in food courts and along busy roads, to bench advertising at the bus stop and the humble restaurant placemat, it’s everywhere.

Much of this advertising is static, but that’s poised to change with Printable Electronics (PE).

The means to quickly manufacture low-cost, low-power, flexible touch displays of various sizes gives brands a whole new way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Even that restaurant placemat can become an interactive touch display.

marketingPE is also fundamental to driving customer loyalty and retention. How many reward cards do you carry from various retailers? With PE, it becomes economical and feasible to turn these into smart cards that can store data and interact wirelessly when you walk into a store, for promotions and other features to personalize your shopping experience.

From a commerce perspective, PE is also crucial to stay ahead of counterfeiters and fraudsters. New and improved security features can be incorporated, at a low cost, into banknotes, credit and debit cards and personal identification to ensure you can transact without fear of identity theft and privacy breaches.